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Below are excerpts from various support e-mails we have received over the last thirty days or so. Thanks again to our customers, nothing makes us happier than getting e-mails like these:

Netcetera is rated 4.10 stars by based on 61 merchant reviews

4.10 / 5 Rating
61 Reviews
Stay away from these guys. I was affiliated with them and they figured out a scammy way to NOT pay up my commissions. Basically, as soon as I filed a request to withdraw my commissions, I start receiving emails stating that the sales generated by me (as an affiliated) were fraudulent. More specifically I received 34 emails that were saying that my commission was removed due to a fraudulent transaction. I contacted them and they said that these transactions were marked as fraud by their system. So convenient. When an affiliate requests for withdrawal, we mark his/her commissions as fraudulent so he/she will not be eligible for a payment request. What this has to do with you, as a consumer you might think? Well, if they are scamming their affiliates what is stopping them to not treat you the same as a customer?
We've been ordering a .ngo domain in January, it is still not working. Dozens of support tickets did not help. Support always tells us to "be patient" and promises the problem would magically disappear in about 10 days. Still no progress. Never again!
My site is hosted with netcetera on the designer package (£5.99 per month) and it is down with an internal 500 server error more than it is live. I have asked for the issues to looked into on several occasions and the response never addresses the root problem. The site goes live again for a few minutes and then it's down again. No one seems to listen!!! Very bad!!!
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