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Below are excerpts from various support e-mails we have received over the last thirty days or so. Thanks again to our customers, nothing makes us happier than getting e-mails like these:

Netcetera is rated 4.21 stars by based on 47 merchant reviews

4.21 / 5 Rating
47 Reviews
1) Had to buy a spam filter (included in a lot of other hosting platforms) 2) Couldn't control spam with the filter. No matter how strict the settings were, they didn't have an effect. Was receiving 2+ spam emails per minute. Over 200 every hour. 3) netcetera support was non-existent. Too many emails went to them asking for help. Out of several replies, all were 'canned' replies that didn't address my question except one, which indicated the problem was finally understood and they would look into it.... no further replies from them. I had switched one of my many resold accounts from Hostgator to 'test the waters' at netcetera. I was very pleased with all aspects except it was impossible to conduct business with so much spam coming in. So I had to switch back to Hostgator which offers free Spam-Assassin which is extremely effective and easy to set up. So long netcetera.
I have been a Netcetera customer for over a decade now. I have found them to be professional, reliable and quick to answer any support questions.
Excellent service as usual. They solved a very complicated problem for a non-techy Logo