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MailEnable Professional Version includes all features of MailEnable Standard and adds the following:

Enhanced Anti-Spam (SPF)

MailEnable Professional provides a number of Anti-Spam features, to which SPF is one of the most significant. SPF provides a means of verifying the sender of messages, hence allowing you to filter Spam content.

Web Mail

  • Some of the many features of Web Mail are:
  • Works with IIS4.0 and greater, allowing easy integration
  • Supports viewing of HTML mail
  • Append and Open E-Mail attachments
  • Support for various charactersets (Big5, etc.)
  • Auto-signature, Read receipts, message priority, Timezone selection
  • Manage folders
  • Contact list
  • Configure redirection
  • Configure POP Retrieval
  • Custom skins/custom interface
  • Change passwords

Web Administration

MailEnable Professional includes Web Administration . If you have authenticated as an Admin user, you will be able to manage users/mailboxes, lists, groups, and domains. If you are hosting multiple postoffices (lets say one per customer or company), each company can manage their own configuration.

Some of the many features are:

  • Works with IIS4.0 and greater, allowing easy integration
  • Manage domain related information
  • Manage the creation of email addresses
  • Manage email lists and groups
  • Custom skins, leveraging skins from webmail

Content Filtering

Content Filtering allows you to define rules and actions for messages as they pass through MailEnable. For example, you could define a rule that Quarantines any messages containing specific attachment types.

IMAP4 Protocol

IMAP4 provides similar functionality to HTTP Mail. It is supported by most (if not all) major mail clients. IMAP4 allows you to have server hosted folders and subfolders (unlike HTTPMail).

HTTPMail Service

MailEnable Professional is one of the first mail servers to supply a HTTPMail server component. HTTPMail is a relatively new protocol for the server hosted messaging services. Fundamentally, HTTPMail provides an alternative to using POP and SMTP, with the added benefit of allowing messages to be hosted on the server (rather than downloaded onto the client). Further to this, using HTTPMail, you can move messages between your server and local stores as you desire.

HTTPMail utilises WebDAV HTTP Extensions to provide remote access to server hosted mail folders using standard HTTP communication. This service is a major value add to MailEnable because it allows mail messages to be hosted on the server and provides tight integration with Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express.

MailEnable Anti-Virus

The anti-virus plugin allows you to use common anti-virus applications with MailEnable in order to check for viruses on all incoming or outgoing messages. Supports Grisoft AVG, also available from Netcetera.

MailEnable POP Retrieval
The MailEnable POP Retrieval Connector allows you to retrieve email from remote mail servers via POP3 and deliver locally. Users are able to configure their own settings from webmail.

MailEnable COM Component
This easy-to-use component can be used in any application that supports COM. For example, you can use this component in an ASP page to send email from a web application. Works against any SMTP mail server, not just MailEnable.

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