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Hosting on the Isle of Man

The Offshore Advantage

The Isle of Man is a leading international offshore business centre, which offers a unique combination of advantages for any company wishing to establish itself, or any part of its operation, on the Island.
The Isle of Man Government is committed to working closely with the private sector, especially on those legislative and regulatory issues, which help businesses establish themsleves on the Island and trade with the world.
The Isle of Man’s internationally accredited financial regulation, and effective consumer and data protection, provides businesses and their customers with a considerable degree of reassurance and confidence.
The Island has global ambitions and recognises that a world class telecommunications capability is integral to achieving those ambitions.
The Island's geographical position in the Northern European time zone places it optimally for companies with global operations in a number of hemispheres.


The Isle of Man is one of the most highly regarded and well regulated offshore centres in the world. Geographically at the heart of the British Isles, and close to the European mainland, the Island is politically independent, with the freedom to create its own policy and legislation. The Island enjoys an "AAA" credit rating from leading credit agencies, Standard & Poor's and Moodys and is a Tier 1 regulated jurisdiction, with legal and legislative practice and culture based on UK standards and principles.


The Isle of Man has one of the simplest and most pro-business tax regimes in the world.There is no capital taxation at all in the Isle of Man. Resident individuals and companies pay no wealth, inheritance, gift, or capital gains taxes.

Corporate Taxation

The Island’s keenness to attract e-commerce business is reflected in a corporate taxation regime specifically designed to attract inward investment.

  • Benefits include
  • Zero rate corporate tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • Low sliding scale betting and gaming duty

Personal Taxation

The Isle of Man has one of the most attractive personal tax regimes in the world, creating a very advantageous fiscal environment in which to live.

  • Personal allowances are among the highest in Europe.
  • Tax rates are low, with a personal tax cap at �£100,000 per annum.
  • Mortgage and loan interest payments, contributions to personal pension arrangements, and the costs of private medical insurance are, in the main tax, deductable.
  • Anyone entitled to live in the UK or EU can relocate to the Isle of Man, there are no fiscal entry requirements before tax residence.
  • Relief from double taxation is also available where foreign tax has been paid.


The Isle of Man Government’s Financial Assistance Scheme is designed to encourage existing businesses to adopt new technologies and practices, and help new businesses establish themselves and flourish on the Island. Companies can qualify for generous annual government funding of up to 40% for:

  • Relocation
  • Manufacturing / IT sector buildings / offices
  • Hardware, software purchase and leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Consultancy

The IOM, UK & EU

The Isle of Man has a special relationship with the EU, but is subject to less regulation. This relationship allows free movement of industrial and agricultural goods traded between the Island and the EU. Under this special arrangement, the Island neither contributes to, nor receives from the funds of the European Union. Very little EU legislation is directly applicable to the Isle of Man, except in respect of agricultural products and customs matters. The relationship with the UK provides administrative simplicity for Isle of Man-based businesses selling into the UK and EU.


The Isle of Man Government works closely with the private sector to develop legislation which helps businesses gain a competitive advantage. It was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to introduce legislation specifically designed to benefit eBusiness and eGaming firms, and has developed a regulatory regime specifically designed to support and protect such companies and their customers. This regulatory framework continues to develop and be responsive to the sector’s needs.

Quality of life

Quality of life on the Island is high. Attractions include affordable high quality residential accommodation, with no restrictions on buying property for those not indigenous to the Island, a distinctive Manx cultural heritage, diverse scenic beauty, low crime rates, excellent schools and medical facilities, plus the opportunity to take part in the widest possible range of sports and leisure activities. There are also excellent hotel and conference venues. At a time when other offshore jurisdictions have become overcrowded and expensive, the Isle of Man can offer affordable high-quality commercial and residential accommodation in a spacious and scenic environment – the Island provides room for businesses, people, and families to grow

Getting to the IOM

The Island has excellent air and ferry services. Direct flights regularly serve four London airports, and most major cities in the UK and Ireland, are within an hour’s flight. There are also regular ferry services to and from the UK and Ireland.


Why the Isle of Man?

  • Legal system based on English Common Law
  • Credibility of being a Crown Dependency of the UK
  • Ideal jurisdiction from which to launch an AIM or FTSE stock market listing
  • UK White Listed in 2007


  • Zero rate of Tax on Taxable Income (except for banks and property companies
  • One of the most attractive tax regimes for gambling or e-gaming in the world
  • No Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance or other wealth taxes
  • Personal Taxation - 10% standard rate, 18% higher rate
  • Low betting and gaming duty


Annual Government funding of up to 40% for:

  • Relocation
  • Manufacturing/ IT sector buildings/ offices
  • Hardware & software
  • Marketing & consultancy
  • Quality & environmental standards
  • Annual Government funding of up to 50% for
  • Training Grants applied for on an annual basis


  • World Class telecommunications infrastructure
  • Two self-healing fibre rings - always on connectivity
  • 1.2 tera bits capacity 0.02% utilisation
  • Anti-DDOS attack technology
  • Free ADSL connectivity for businesses
  • Excellent Air and Sea links to the UK and Ireland
  • Totally self sufficient power station infrastructure, supported by sub-sea gas and electricity supplies when needed

Support Services:

  • Over 33,000 Financial Institutions registered on the island
  • Legal and accountancy expertise from the world's leading firms and gambling /e-gaming specialists
  • Excellent on-Island support service providers in Hosting, IT and Digital Media
  • Recruitment, and office relocation specialists
  • Highly literate IT workforce, conforms to international IT standards