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Getting people to your site

SEO 101: Search Engine Optimization basics

SEO is, essentially, everything you do to be seen by the top four search engines, Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. Getting their attention is critical because websites typically have four types of visitors:

Repeat visitors
Visitors from paid ads
Visitors from a link such as a blog, news article, etc.
Visitors from an organic, or unpaid, search results

Search Engine Traffic

The vast majority of search traffic is generated by organic search, which Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask collectively produce 98%. If they can't find your site, analyze or "index" it and add your pages to their databases, you will miss out on a potentially lucrative stream of customers.

While Google's exact method for ranking sites is a company secret, the consensus among search engine marketing experts is that Google considers approximately 200 elements to determine how highly a page ranks for a given keyword.

The elements are not weighted equally in importance. Some are more difficult to do. Some recommendations are faster to implement. If you're looking for the biggest bang for your time and effort, you can improve your rankings by focussing on four areas: keywords and meta tags, site content, link building and XML Sitemap submission.

Key Words - Meta Tags

Keywords and Meta Tags

You can view these descriptions in the source code of each page. Don't duplicate the same content in all of your title and description tags. Make them unique and relevant to to each page.

Site Content

Unique site content is king. Regularly produce fresh content that is relevant to what you sell and use the specific keywords your target audience will be searching for. Two recommendations:

Create individual pages for specific keywords. Focus pages on single topics. Example: "summer basketball camps in San Jose" vs. a broader subject like "youth basketball in Northern California."

Create a blog where you can regularly write on narrowly-focussed topics. This is a great way to generate fresh, relevant content.

Also, avoid using content copied from other places unless, of course, you are intending to quote a source.

Link Building

The number of sites that link to your site, as well as the "quality" of those links, is critical to a high page rank. Link building is the process of getting other sites to link back to your site.

Not all links are created equal; they have varying degrees of quality. Links considered to be of poor quality, such as links from sites that have no connection to what you are selling or discussing, can actually harm your site ranking. In contrast, high-quality links can help your rankings tremendously. Where can you find high-quality links? Links from high page rank sites are very valuable as are links from other sites involved in the same industry or area of discussion as you. Links from educational (.edu) domains, government (.gov) and reputable organization (.org) sites can be valuable as well. Internal linking is also important, as the search engines follow links as part of their crawl process.

XML Sitemap Submission

Don't wait for Google to find you, tell them where you are! True XML Sitemap submission uses the standard that Google developed to notify them about the pages comprising your site. We use and recommend the Attracta™ XML Sitemap submission service which automatically submits every page of a site directly to the top four search engines.

The best thing about using the Attracta service is that it is the easiest thing on this list to check off. The Attracta service runs automatically. Set it once and then go to work on the others! Keep in mind that the other areas of SEO take on-going attention and effort to remain relevant in search results.

Note: Don't confuse XML Sitemap submission with directory submissions, such as submitting your site to

SEO can deliver huge returns

Higher ranking in search results means more visitors. More visitors mean more sales or ad revenue. Use this list to start making improvements today!

Attracta™ XML Sitemap submission is one of the keys to getting your site on page one of the major search engines.

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