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Disaster Recovery

Hot Desk | Same Day Recovery | One Hour Recovery | Hybrid Approach

Simple, Reliable and Affordable Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Protect and archive your data in our secure, state-of-the-art facility at an affordable price based on your individual business needs. Built on award-winning storage networking technology and managed by data protection experts with decades of experience, Netcetera is recognized as an innovative leader in the data protection industry.

Disaster Recovery Advantages

Netcetera's Disaster Recovery solutions enable you to your secure business-critical data, protect server workloads and get back online quickly and with ease. Our high specification solutions provide you with the ability to cater for a broad range of customers scaling from 1 server through to an office network with multiple servers requiring rapid fail-over protection.


Why use Netcetera for offsite data protection and archiving?

  • Immediate deployment
  • Rapid 24x7 data recovery with maximum capabilities
  • Flexible pricing, cost-effective
  • No need to build and staff a dedicated disaster recovery centre
  • No need to buy software and hardware for a disaster recovery centre
  • Rapid compliance deployment with minimal implementation costs Seamless scalability of data storage as your business grows
  • End-to-end security
  • Proven technology - with your disaster recovery plan in place, be confident in knowing we offer both private and shared spaces equipped with phones, computers, Internet access, copy machines and printers.

We understand not all businesses are the same, and we are happy to set up the space according to your specific needs whether it is in regards to software, hardware, security, or connectivity, or even duplicating your existing office space!

Complete, cost-effective plans include the facilities, hardware, peripherals, crisis management, and technical support to help you plan for and recover from service interruptions. Let us show you how to use virtualisation as a cost-effective way of controlling IT Disaster Recovery costs. Netcetera can restore normal operations and keep your business running!

Netcetera Hot Desk

In a disaster recovery situation Netcetera offers an immediate occupancy solution that can provide temporary accommodation for businesses while they wait to return to their home of business. More information at:


Advanced Backup and Same Day Recovery

Netcetera's Advanced Backup service utilises a virtualised hosted repository server, which provides continuous or scheduled protection to 1 or more business servers. With each of the customer on-premise servers sharing a repository server (up to 15TB of compressed data), a full off-site backup of the key business data and applications are hosted in our data centers for much lower costs.

As the repository is hosted within our data center, it is fully protected from any disaster that may occur at the customer's premises' even file deletion or corruption can be recovered from!

Providing continuous data protection of original servers, the Advanced Backup service provides a faster and more efficient solution for restoring to a hosted server or to a new on-premise server and enables the option to add an on-premise repository for increased speed in the event of an incident that does not result in total loss of the site.

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Monthly From £69.00 £100.00 Order Now!

Netcetera Disaster Recovery


High Availability and One Hour Recovery (OHR) Service

Offering faster recovery than the Advanced Backup service. The OHR service enables complete protection of the customers' on-premise servers with a faster recovery time using dedicated standby infrastructure.

Instead of simply backing up the data to a hosted repository, the OHR service maintains a mirrored copy of the on-premise server using a separate virtual server in our data center. This mirrored server is kept up-to-date with real-time data syncing, and means that single or multiple servers can be ready to be utilised instantly.

With every outage the time to restore is the key issue for recovery. By running live mirrored servers with the Netcetera OHR service, a single or multiple critical services can be resumed within minutes of an incident.

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Monthly From £99.00 £100.00 Order Now!

Netcetera Disaster Recovery


Hybrid Approach

The Business Continuity service is fully configurable, so it is possible to have a mix of the Advanced Backup and High Availability services. This means that businesses are able to have rapid recovery (OHR) for mission-critical servers while other less important servers used by the business can still be protected by the Advanced Backup solution. This minimises costs while increasing protection and security of the service. Should the business suffer a premise-wide failure, all servers could be recovered to a hosted server (naturally the OHR protected servers will be recovered faster).

Should the business wish to move a server from Advanced Backup to the faster restore OHR service, or vice versa, this can be achieved by the partner through some simple configuration.

The on-premise repository is also an option as part of this service.

Netcetera Disaster Recovery


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