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Automated Cloud Server Firewall Management

Security is the number one inhibitor to hosted and cloud service adoption. And the first line of defense – the host firewall – is also the most vulnerable. That’s because cloud servers operate outside the corporate perimeter and users are forced to leave administrative ports like SSH and RDP open so they can connect to and manage their machines, leaving only a username and password for a hacker to defeat.

With this solution, available for VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Servers, customers can self-manage the new security perimeter: hosted and cloud server's built-in OS firewall, and/or the virtualization layer VLAN firewall (if available) and close all administrative servers ports, by default, opening the securely, on demand.

Dome9 makes security as elastic as the cloud with first-of-its-kind multi-platform cloud server security management. Available for the enterprise and hosting providers, Dome9 provides dynamic security policy control for Clouds, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers, across all major operating systems and service providers.


  • Stop manually configuring Linux iptables and Windows Firewall
  • Help your admins and cloud users understand the risks
  • Eliminate manual server log management and instead log your Cloud automatically


  • Close all administrative ports on your cloud servers, by default
  • Enable on-demand, secure access with just one click
  • Make your cloud servers virtually invisible to hackers


  • Centrally manage your firewalls across all your servers and clouds
  • Get visibility and reporting to see who's accessing your servers, when and how
  • Demonstrate compliance for your cloud infrastructure
  • Unify security no matter the technology or device

The solution automates cloud firewall management to ensure ports are opened only when, by whom, and for as long as you intend. Its rich auditing and multi-tiered administration provides full visibility and control for all your users, servers, and clouds. With this solution you can:

  • Remotely manage hosted and cloud firewall security policy for all your servers and clouds.
  • Define On-Demand access for any number of servers (SSH/RDP/etc.), anytime, and from anywhere.
  • Send auto-expiring Secure Access Lease Invitations to third parties
  • Ensure ports aren't left open with Automated Policy Management.


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