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Servers Reseller Programme

This programme applies to both Virtual and Dedicated Servers

Starting from your 3rd Server purchased you will receive a 10% discount each month on all future Server purchases and previous Servers purchased going forward. The discount structure is as follows:

# of Servers Discount
3 - 10 10%
11 - 20 15%
21 - 30 20%
31+ 25%

Once you have purchased your second Server, you will be assigned a coupon, unique to your company/account, which will be used for future Server purchases. We will email this coupon code to you, and kindly ensure this is used during the order process for each order.

Once you reach your 11th Server, your coupon code will be changed from 10% to 15% on all future Server purchases and previous Servers purchased, going forward. The same applies to 20% and 25%. As you reach a new discount tier please email the Sales Team so the discount can be adjusted accordingly.

  • We will not provide support for your Server customers, but you are more than welcome to email us on their behalf if you should come across any issues.
  • All our Servers are white label so there is no reference back to Netcetera which will allow you to serve your customers without our name attached.

Buy cheaper

The more servers you purchase, the more you save.


All Netcetera Servers come pre-optimized/pre-secured by default. No worries about having to secure your Servers for you or your clients. We take care of that before you even receive your welcome email with login information.

No Upfront Capital Needed

To get into the Server Industry you must purchase your own server along with all software components needed. Because we already own and manage all physical servers, all day to day tasks to keep the actual physical server secure and running as expected are taken care of by us. If you’re a client looking to offer Servers by buying your own server, keep in mind you also need to manage the physical server not only the individual Servers

True White Label Solution

Each Server we provide is unique because we do not reference the Netcetera name inside the Server itself. This allows you to purchase a Netcetera Server and provide your client(s) a Server which is branded as your own. This is quite popular amongst our Server Reseller channels.

True Partnership

We are the type of Partner that sees the value of focusing day to day on helping our clients grow and evolve. We credit our success to our personal touch with our clients and can safely say when hosting with Netcetera, you're in good hands 24/7. As a Server leader with unmatched experience we welcome you to the Netcetera family.


Questions? Let us help!

To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please fill out our Enquiry Form, complete our Quote Generator, call 0800 808 5450, or click our Live Chat

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