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Load Balancer


Performance and business continuity is critical in today's 'always on' digital world. To ensure the delivery of performance, load balancing is a must for organisations with a cluster of servers running web applications simultaneously. Load balancing optimises the system's performance through leveraging computing resources, resulting in higher availability and scalability for business critical web applications. 

Load balancing divides a workload between two or more servers offering a higher total capacity by distributing the load across a cluster. If a fault occurs with one of the servers within a cluster the load balancer will automatically route requests to the other servers until the fault has been corrected providing seamless redundancy. DNS round robin, the other major technology in this area, is not capable of achieving.

The Solution

The Netcetera LB (Powered by Zeus*) is a powerful load balancer that grows with your traffic management needs. It is a cost-effective starting point for adding load balancing and resilience to your servers, with a smooth upgrade path to scale as your infrastructure requirements grow.

Netcetera LB can be deployed in the manner that best suits your needs, either singularly or in a redundant pair - and its rich capabilities bring great flexibility and fine-grained application layer control.

A resilient Load Balancing LB Pair allows you to create a fully fault-tolerant cluster of server machines by protecting against failures of back-end server nodes and frontend load balancer units.

Netcetera Load Balancer

Performance, Reliability and Scalability

Netcetera LB improves the performance, reliability and scalability of networked and web-enabled applications through a combination of SSL and WAN offload, content compression, performance and health monitoring, and automatic failover in the event of hardware or software failure. CPU-intensive processing such as SSL can be offloaded onto the LB to free up application servers such as Web Servers and Database Servers to do their own specialist tasks, greatly enhancing their performance and your return on investment.


  • The Netcetera LB can be deployed in active / active clusters to protect you against hardware failures.
  • Each LB monitors the health of its paired unit, and each of the back-end servers.
  • Incoming traffic is processed by the Load Balancer.
  • SSL Traffic is decrypted and re-encrypted if required.
  • Rules are used to route each request to an appropriate server pool.
  • The traffic is distributed across the server pool using the appropriate load balancing algorithm.

Key Benefits

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Rules allow you to make content-aware load balancing and routing decisions
  • Server load balancing providing Layer 7 traffic management for all applications
  • Application acceleration for enhanced ROI on new and existing deployments
  • High performance SSL decryption and re-encryption for end-to-end security
  • HTTP Content Compression for improved performance and bandwidth savings
  • Active / active resilience to protect against hardware failures
  • Multiple session persistence modes to ensure session integrity
  • Service protection policies for hardening of vulnerable application services
  • Comprehensive traffic visualization for trend analysis and fault isolation
  • Server health monitoring to detect and route around problem servers
  • Secure web-based UI for advanced cluster diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Unlimited content inspection of TCP and UDP protocols for greater application awareness

Pricing Info

Pricing is based on  throughput - and also whether it is a single LB or in a redundant pair.

Single LB

Throughput Price Sign-up
10 Mbps £99.00/pm Order Now!
60 Mbps £119.00/pm Order Now!
100 Mbps £129.00/pm Order Now!
200 Mbps £159.00/pm Order Now!
300 Mbps £189.00/pm Order Now!
500 Mbps £269.00/pm Order Now!
1 Gbps £339.00/pm Order Now!

Redundant LB Pair

Throughput Price Sign-up
10 Mbps £198.00/pm Order Now!
60 Mbps £238.00/pm Order Now!
100 Mbps £258.00/pm Order Now!
200 Mbps £318.00/pm Order Now!
300 Mbps £378.00/pm Order Now!
500 Mbps £538.00/pm Order Now!
1 Gbps £678.00/pm Order Now!

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