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Netcetera provide solutions to enable High Availability (HA) setups in a Hosted Infrastructure. Essentially HA means having redundancy at every level in your setup and an ability for an point of failure to be mitigated by the setup of your infrastructure, as well as the capability to add new nodes, or maintain/upgrade existing nodes without impacting your service availability.

Netcetera take the approach of 'Enterprise and Affordable' by offering the ability to route your compute and storage requirements through our own HA infrastructure, thus giving you all the benefits of a HA setup without the usually very large investment requirement. Netcetera also provide true HA - by offering a multi-site platform, that takes the single point of failure as the Data Centre, commonly the fault in HA setups, out of the equation.

The example below is a single site HA setup, with firewalling, load balancing and multiple servers with a redundant storage platform. This setup may be replicated to 2 or more physically independent Data Centre facilities

Netcetera Network Infrastructure


Netcetera can provide a redundant 3-Tier infrastructure, that can be scaled from 1 x Node to N x Nodes -

  • NETWORK TIER: firewall/vpn/load balancer - either single or dual for full redundancy
  • FRONTEND TIER: N x load-balanced Web Server Nodes, with SAN shared storage platform
  • BACKEND TIER: N x SQL database server Nodes, with Primary/Backup failover configured on a SAN shared storage platform

All based on VMware vSphere v4 for high-availability - instantly scalable for future growth.

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