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Cloud PC

Does your existing computer network need upgrading? If the answer is yes then maybe you should consider changing to a new kind of hardware platform. Cloud PC is the future of business computers. It provides an alternative to a traditional computer setup at a fraction of the cost, it is also the perfect partner to our hosted solutions.

Cloud PC device is called Zero Client, this is because there are no breakable moving parts. There is no CPU, no memory and no hard drive. They are simple, secure, reliable and durable

Benefits from consolidating and virtualizing desktops

Improved efficiency

  • A new Netcetera Cloud PC can be set up in less than 15 minutes compared to hours or days for a traditional workstation.
  • Helpdesk IT technicians can perform tasks from within the data centre, eliminating the need to travel to the user's location trouble-shooting. Problem resolution will be quicker as everything is located within the data centre.
  • Centralized Virtual desktops can easily and quickly be monitored, backed up and recovered, and patched or upgraded. One support technician can handle 5 times as many Netcetera Cloud PC users compared to PC users.
  • The endpoint’s connection to the virtual desktop can be suspended at any location and then immediately resumed from any other endpoint without any interruption of applications or open files – such as when moving from your office to a conference room – users can quickly access resume work at any location.

Green credentials and lower costs

  • Netcetera Cloud PC clients use less electricity than a desktop computer. Users can deploy Netcetera Cloud PC to reduce carbon footprint and save money in power costs.
  • Server based services can be controlled and used more efficiently e.g. load balancing and shutting off desktops whilst not in use.
  • Higher utilization rates with centralized hardware upgrades and software licensing can be achieved.
  • As the Netcetera Cloud PC desktop client lasts longer, refresh is typically 7-10 years, compared to 4-5 years for a traditional desktop. This can save both on purchase cost and replacement parts but also on warranty fees, user downtime and IT staff productivity.

Improved security and data integrity

  • There is no local PC storage device - data is centrally stored within the data centre. Data loss stemming from both hardware failures and from the loss or theft of PCs and laptops can be eliminated.
  • Strong security management, monitoring and control over clients and network transmissions ensure compliance with data security and records retention policies.

Better productivity

  • Configuration of desktop resources (memory, applications and storage) can be modified more quickly, with no interruption to the end-user or any need to travel to a user’s location or to round-trip ship a computer for upgrading.
  • There is no user-training required as the experience is exactly the same as a traditional PC.

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